Marmalade'18 will take place between 9th and 13th April 2018

Join us in Oxford at the Old Fire Station, and other venues, for a week where social change and friendship collide

Marmalade'17: Watch The Video

About Marmalade

Marmalade is the informal, dynamic, free and open-access fringe event to the Skoll World Forum on Social Entrepreneurship.

The core of Marmalade is user-centred content, generated by participants, focused on tackling intractable social and environmental challenges.

In-depth workshop formats, typically one or two days long, foster community, friendship and real-world outcomes.

Building on the changes we made last year, our aim is to provide a place where collaborative working meets intractable social problems; where people come together to accelerate efforts to make the world a better place; where problems that were previously stuck are unlocked through collective effort.

Marmalade is powered by you, and your passion for change. Join us in Oxford in April 2018!

Marmalade 2016

Watch the videos...

Want to get a sense of how Marmalade works? Look no further than the video we produced from the event in 2017.
Or 2016. Or 2015. Or 2014. Or 2013. Or 2012. Or 2011. Or even 2010!