Oxford Jam - Coarse cut and spread evenly

Oxford Jam began in 2010 as a fringe event to the Skoll World Forum, offering an open access opportunity for anyone to generate sessions around social enterprise themes. It was initiated by Ben Metz from CIVA.

Originally based at the Jam Factory it moved to the Old Fire Station in 2012. The three-day fringe event would host a vast number of sessions with presenters from all over the world. It was a space for the nurturing of social economy and social finance projects. The themes ranged from the impact of ageing on our economy, through to how to create an Amazon.com for rural African farmers. The main focus for Oxford Jam was around international development and social enterprise. Presenter and attendees were predominately from outside of Oxford.

Sessions would be a few hours long and there would be lots of social and fun wrap-around events including film nights and a cabaret night.

Marmalade -  A new sort of spread

In 2015 Oxford Jam became Marmalade. The Old Fire Station started to co-produce with CIVA. The programme developed and there was a shift from social enterprise towards social innovation and social justice.

To allow for in-depth conversations and thought around these topics there were fewer but longer sessions. The Old Fire Station produced an ‘Art Day’ which focussed on the cultural sectors relationship with power, money and relationships.

In 2018 the themes became more focused on systems change and Oxford as a place for social and system change. Marmalade started to attract a local Oxford following resulting in Oxford presenters, organisations and attendees becoming more engaged.

In 2019 the themes were relationships and place. As an organisation, we believe that relationships are the foundation for social change – relationships within organisations, across organisations, and between people with different amounts of power including those whose voices are rarely heard. We also filled the building with fun, patrolled by Insecurity Guards and with a campfire in the evening and a cosy living room during the day.

2019 film

2018 film

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