Community Media: local people making the news

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

In the face of a declining local news industry, local people are coming together to create websites and publications to fill the gap. How can they create commercially sustainable models with genuine community participation?

Democratizing Mental Health: The Community Resiliency Model

Old Fire Station - Loft |

CRM® helps create trauma- and resiliency-informed communities that share a common understanding of the impact of trauma and chronic stress on the nervous system and how resiliency can be restored or increased using a set of simple wellness skills.

Are we dreaming? Working together to make low carbon, affordable communities a reality

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

An experiential workshop to explore the value of community-led housing in the UK and how, by equipping communities with the skills and tools they need to develop their own homes, we can create long-term social, economic and environmental benefit.

From self-building to custom-splitting

Venue TBD |

An investigation into how the sub-division of existing properties could enable downsizing-in-place while minimising energy costs through partnerships between existing home owners and those interested in creating their own home.

What makes a strong, purposeful, community enterprise network?

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

OSEP supports and promotes social enterprise, social entrepreneurs and purpose-led business across Oxfordshire and beyond. As it enters a new and exciting phase, it is keen to learn from this cohort how best to help it grow and flourish.

Team Oxford: help mobilise the city

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

Join us for a fun-filled day designing 3 social action campaigns to inspire and motivate new people to volunteer. We’ll be planning in the morning, before going out into Oxford to test our ideas in the real world. There’ll be cake!

Community control and accountability: after the war’s been won

Old Fire Station - Loft |

After the galvanising effect of saving an asset, or completing a campaign, what practical lessons are there to help maintain genuine community engagement, control and accountability? What do these terms really mean in reality? Why are they important?

Art and Relationships

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

Learning from the experience of the Old Fire Station over six years to look at how we might build relationships across boundaries that help make Oxford a better place.