Social Innovation in the UK (Oxfam’s approach)

Old Fire Station - Loft |

Come and find out more about Oxfam's approach to Social Innovation and Enterprise in the UK. This interactive session will be hosted by Senior Programme Manager and UK Project Manager from Oxfam's UK Poverty Programme.

Bread and Butter Services – Strong relationships to help us through tough times

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

How can positive relationships help us address isolation and loneliness and help each other to bounce back from tough times in Oxford?

The Social Economy – History in the Making

The History Faculty, George Street |

Members of the Social Economy Alliance are regrouping in Oxford in April to consider our collective response to the events of 2016. How can the social economy provide the answers 2017 needs?

Mental health and community business hack

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

An event on enterprising, community-led approaches to supporting people with mental health difficulties

Silver bullets in slingshots: Beyond killer platforms for social good

Old Fire Station - Loft |

New tech tackles urgent problems that governments and markets are failing to solve. Pivoting from apps and platforms for social good, it’s time to build the open infrastructure to turn silver bullets into a coordinated force for systems change.

Co-designing Impact Solutions

Turl Street Kitchen |

This session aims to bring together a group of organisations working with young people in enterprise to co-design common solutions around impact measurements.

Maintaining Society: How Innovators are to Blame for Brexit and Trump, and What to do About it.

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

At Marmalade we want to consider how the cult of innovation has contributed to the disenfranchisement of those left behind by economic liberalism, and what we can do about this to overcome the emerging world of economic inequality and social division

Disrupting and Transforming Conservation

Old Fire Station - Loft |

Exploring the prospects for a longer-term initiative or network promoting the transformation of the conservation sector.

Ashoka – Social Investment Toolkit Launch

Old Fire Station - Loft |

Join us for the official launch of the Ashoka Social Investment Toolkit where we will present an overview of tools to prepare for investment readiness and apply the toolkit in a hands-on workshop to social ventures from the audience.

Community-led Housing Masterclass

Turl Street Kitchen |

Interested to know more about alternative housing models? Join us in an interactive session on community-led housing, where we’ll draw upon existing projects from cooperative housing, to exciting new approaches to community-led housing delivery.

Do we understand each other’s impact?

Old Fire Station - Loft |

This interactive session will shape shared norms for understanding each other’s impact expectations and managing performance against them.

Diving into the Local Sharing Economy for Social Enterprise

Old Fire Station - Loft |

In this session we will work together to develop a model for collaborative working and identify opportunities for pooling resources in order to create synergies for social enterprise across Oxfordhsire.

Ending Homelessness with Buildings

Old Fire Station - Loft |

What will it take to transform a decommissioned homeless hostel in central London into a backpacker hostel run by folks who have experienced homelessness?

Losing Control – exploring the practical realities of building a social movement fit for change

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

Social movements are about deep social, cultural and structural transformation. We'll explore the benefits, challenges and practicalities of ‘losing control' through dispersed leadership, grassroots participation, shared purpose & values.

Lost In Translation

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

As charities come from Mars and social investors come from Venus, we explore ways of improving communication and understanding between the two sides of the fence.

“Speed-dating” product solutions to social problems

Oxford Innovation Centre |

Exploring practical product solutions to social problems using a speed-dating business mentorship format

Marmalade Networking @ Crisis Café

Old Fire Station - Café |

Hosted by OSEP on Marmalade's last full day of sessions, we invite you to come by the Crisis Cafe to enjoy free food & drink, as well as the company of engaging Marmalade participants who are eager to network and discuss their ideas & experiences.

Social investment now everything’s changed

Old Fire Station - Garden Room |

Current approaches to social investment were conceived in the mid-2000s. Since then we’ve seen big changes from the financial crisis in 2007 to the UK Brexit vote in 2016. How should social investment change to meet the needs of our changing world?

Art and Power

Old Fire Station - Theatre |

How can we realise our power through the arts to create change? What kind of change?

Social entrepreneurship in England – current state and future challenges

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

This short workshop focuses on the current state of the social entrepreneurship sector in England and on its key strength and threats and it aims to find concrete solutions to improve the ecosystem of support for social enterprises and entrepreneurs

Examining Our Reflection: the Impact of Diversity in Social Investment

Old Fire Station - Loft |

Our research shows that increased investor diversity leads to more meaningful social innovation and that improving this may aid in achieving investment goals. To learn more, join us for an interactive session examining diversity in social investment.

Legal Time Out – Your Questions Answered

Old Fire Station - Dance Studio |

BWB’s Molly Carew-Jones and Alex Jameson will be available during the afternoon of Friday 7th April to offer free legal advice clinics to artists and arts organisations.